? Introducing Immortals of Aveum’s Performance Budget Tool for PC Games

Title: Immortals of Aveum Introduces Performance Budget Tool to Revolutionize PC Gaming Optimization


PC gaming has always been a pursuit of both performance and image quality optimization. The upcoming game, Immortals of Aveum, is set to revolutionize the way players navigate the graphics menu and optimize their gaming experience with the introduction of its Performance Budget Tool. This clever tool provides players with valuable insights into how different settings impact their game’s performance, taking PC gaming optimization to a whole new level.

The Innovation of Performance Budget Tool

While some games have previously offered a basic understanding of how each setting affects the GPU and CPU performance through sliders, Immortals of Aveum takes it a step further. The game assigns a numerical value to each setting, clearly indicating its impact on both the CPU and GPU performance. As players tweak the settings, the corresponding numerical values for CPU and GPU increase accordingly.

How Does it Work?

When players launch Immortals of Aveum for the first time, the Performance Budget Tool evaluates the player’s system and conducts a short benchmarking test to determine its power. Based on these findings, the game automatically applies the settings that should allow the components to achieve a smooth 60 frames per second (fps). However, players are free to customize these settings as desired, monitoring real-time changes to their performance budget.

Behind the Development

The Performance Budget Tool was devised by Mark Maratea, the technical director on Immortals of Aveum. Maratea aimed to address the challenge of matching performance and image quality to different video card capabilities. Being an enthusiast who enjoys overclocking his machines, Maratea wanted to delve into the impact of system tweaks on the game’s performance. Consequently, the Performance Budget Tool permits players to benchmark their systems, observe the performance deltas caused by overclocking, and make informed decisions about their settings.

Exploring Uncharted Territory

The Performance Budget Tool goes beyond traditional benchmarking tools by exposing a range of settings typically hidden from consumers. This deeper exploration of Unreal Engine 5’s capabilities enables players to better comprehend the performance implications of different settings. Immortals of Aveum utilizes Unreal Engine 5’s Nanite and Lumen features to create visually stunning gameplay.

Unreal Engine 5’s Impact

Nanite, one of Unreal Engine 5’s notable features, grants Immortals of Aveum highly detailed meshes, allowing for intricate designs and textures that were previously unattainable. Lumen, on the other hand, revolutionizes the lighting system, enabling the game to have fewer lights with a more significant impact on the overall visual experience. Additionally, the Niagara feature enriches the game’s visual effects, enhancing its magical elements.

Expanding Possibilities

The innate power of these engine features allows Immortals of Aveum to offer expansive gameplay with vast levels and intricately detailed environments. However, it’s important to note that the actual performance when the game is released is yet to be determined. Despite the introduction of the Performance Budget Tool, potential performance issues may still arise, which the developers, Ascendent Studios, will need to address.


In conclusion, Immortals of Aveum’s Performance Budget Tool presents a groundbreaking approach to optimizing PC gaming. It empowers players with a deeper understanding of how different settings impact performance, enhancing their ability to customize their gaming experience. As PC gaming continues to evolve, tools like the Performance Budget Tool are set to play a significant role in providing gamers with the ultimate gaming experience they desire.